1. Is this yet another validator?
  2. What does this service test?
  3. Why should I check my web pages?
  4. How do I use this service?
  5. What does page rate mean?
  6. How do I send feedback?

Is this yet another validator?

No. Validators check the syntax and grammar of web documents, and their conformance to specific standards. While writing valid and standard compliant web pages is surely important we focus on something different. Our aim is to help you to meet good practices and avoid needless mistakes, regardless of your version of HTML or CSS. Validity is a part of good practices but we strive for a more complex view.

If you are looking for validators check out the W3C validators.

What does this service test?

We test if your web pages follow certain rules; this service maintains a growing set of tests related to the performance, usability, consistency of web pages and their friendliness to search engines. We also look for deprecated design practices. The overall condition of your web page is classified using a quantifier called page rate.

Why should I check my web pages?

Properly written pages render better, faster, and on more browsers. Pages with errors and broken links annoy your visitors and drive them away. Search engines are not dogmatic about standards but they take account of your web page condition too.

If you think that your page is good the way it is, just let this service to check it to prove that you're right. Chances are that you'll find that there is still room for improvements.

How do I use this service?

It cannot be more simple. Go to the home page, paste the address of your web page into the input field, and press the Check button.

Unselect Display warnings if you want to switch off warnings.

What does page rate mean?

The page rate is a quantifier which says how successful is your page in passing our tests. Each failure to pass a test is valued with some bad points; as per its severity and the failure frequency. The page rate is calculated as the ratio of all possible bad points minus really got bad points and all possible bad points: (ALL - GOT) / ALL.

If you web page passes all tests its page rate is 100%. If it passes none its page rate is 0%. Warnings have no influence over the page rate.

How do I send feedback?

You can send us your message e-mail. Please give the address of the page you were checking. The more context you give, the easier it will be to understand your question, suggestion or feedback.